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Deus Ex Randoma
126 - The Mimiga Village: Deus Ex Randoma - 2008-03-27

I admit, this part is not quite as well planned out as I hoped. But, I promise that I am going somewhere with this.
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Balrog: Well, I guess I'm at your merc-HEY LOOK, A DISTRACTION!

Quote: What.
Bat: Heya robot buddy! You wouldn't IMAGINE the adventures I've been having!
Quote: You've been gone for, what, five minutes?
Bat: More like 3 weeks!

Bat: Anyway, I'll tell you ALL about it later. I just stopped by to drop off a few things I picked up while adventuring in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Bat: Okay, bye!
Quote: I am very, very confused. Was that Deus Ex Machina? Or... what?
Balrog: Maybe some type of Deus Ex Non-Sequitur...

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