Server Downtime

Friday March 8, 2013 11:55 PM - By Mike Caron (pkmnfrk)

Hello everyone. As I am sure you've noticed, the server is not currently up and running. I apologize for this, but we have run into a severe system issue which is preventing the server from running correctly.

Long story short, the hard drive ran out of disk space, due to the world data expanding so much. This is strange, because Minecraft itself is using less than 10% of the total drive capacity. As it turns out, when I installed the server, I put Minecraft on the small (50 GB) operating system partition instead of the large (400 GB) data partition. Oops.

I am moving the files over, but there are a lot of files, and they are not small, so progress is slow. It is unlikely to finish before I go to bed, so we likely won't be back up until tomorrow morning at some time. I really am sorry about this, but unfortunately, I cannot make it go any faster.

UPDATE: The server has been brought back up. I apologize again for the downtime.

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