If you want to get to know the staff, look no further than the list below!


The guys whose names are emblazoned in red are the ones responsible for running the server. They also weild phenominal cosmic power, and are willing to use it!

Mike (pkmnfrk)

Chaotic Neutral, Air
Mike is the owner and operator of the server. Described as "a force of nature" by his contemporaries, the server sprang into existence one morning after a particularly fitful dream. He is usually the first to look into any bugs or glitches the server might have. He is also often the cause of these bugs or glitches, which may or may not be the source of his power.


Rob (T_Ravenheart)

Chaotic Good, Fire
Rob, or "T" to his friends, was said to have descended from the sky one day in a great ball of fire. He is usually the first to welcome new members to the server, even when not physically present. He is nigh invulnerable, save for his single crippling weakpoint which shall not be described here.

Jessica (Jesstar01)

Neutral Good, Water
Very little is known about the mysterious Jessica. She has been observed to leap tall buildings in a single bound, as well as lift tractor trailers. Her ablity to outpace a speeding train, however, has not been confirmed. Additionally, she has not been seen in the same room as Bruce Wayne.


These fine folks with names adorned in green lack the reality-warping power of the administrators, but are charged with keeping the peace and are empowered to do so. Their word is law, so take heed!